What is the Carole Baskin story?

Carole Baskin is also a key character in the seven-part docuseries, and her story just might be the most out there of them all. Carole owns Big Cat Rescue, a Florida-based organization that advocates for the end of abuse towards big cats in captivity.16.11.2021

How much is Carole Baskins worth?

It’s unclear how much Carole is exactly worth, but according to The Famous Data, the conservationist is worth between $1 million and $10 million. Along with the money she makes as the CEO of the Big Cat Rescue, Carole also inherited a huge sum of cash from her husband, Don Lewis, who went missing 1997.17.11.2021

Did Carole Baskin feed her husband to the tigers?

No, Carole Baskin did not feed her ex-husband to tigers Back to video. After suing officials at Netflix and Royal Goode Productions for using footage of her in the second season of the show, which premiered on Wednesday, Baskin is thrilled one piece of good news came from the legal drama.19.11.2021

Who is Joe Exotic married to?

Travis Maldonado arrived at the zoo in December 2013 and, like Finlay, rapidly began a relationship with Exotic. Exotic, Maldonado, and Finlay were unofficially married to each other less than a month later in a three-partner wedding ceremony.

How did Carole Baskin’s husband make his money?

Before his disappearance, Don owned a successful business selling and scrapping metal and machine parts. He and Carole also made a lot of money from buying and reselling real estate. It’s reported that he had a real estate portfolio worth $5 million when he disappeared.17.11.2021

Why is Joe excited in jail?

According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s indictment, Exotic shot and killed five tigers in 2017 to make cage space for his other big cats. He also allegedly violated the ESA by illegally selling tiger cubs, which have been an internationally protected species since the 1970s.17.11.2021

How much money did Carole Baskin inherit from her husband?

Lewis left behind over US$5 million in assets. He was declared legally dead in 2002 on the fifth anniversary of his disappearance.

Was Carole Baskin’s husband ever found?

Despite active investigations, Don Lewis’ remains were not found and he was declared “legally dead” after five years of disappearance. This led to several speculations about Carole’s role in her husband’s disappearance and murder.20.11.2021

How did Carole Baskin and Don Lewis meet?

According to Baskin, in 1981, when she was 19, she threw a potato at Murdock as he attempted to attack her. She ran out of their home barefoot and met her next husband, Don Lewis, on 50th Street in Tampa. She and Lewis engaged in an affair while both were still married.